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Your Lifestyle after Cancer - The facts
By Professor Robert Thomas

This essential guide for patients, their friends and relatives summaries the international evidence showing that 衴 we doﲠ衴 we donय䯠our bodies after a diagnosis of cancer can affect the chance of living longer and living better. Its sensible, day to day tips, based only on the proven facts, can help:

 - reduce the risks and side effects of cancer treatments,
 - recover quicker from surgery, chemotherapy or radiotherapy,
 - regain your quality of life and confidence earlier,
 - slow the rate of progression of some early prostate cancers,
 - reduce the risk of cancer coming back after initial treatments

The author, Professor Robert Thomas, is a leading authority on lifestyle and cancer awarded the UK ﳰital Doctor of the Yearᮤ logist of the Year毲 his research.

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Keep family harmony after cancer
By Professor Robert Thomas

After a diagnosis of cancer it is important to avoid the further distress of family conflict. Arguments within families are upsetting, destructive and have a serious impact on family harmony - the best way to stop an argument is not to have one in the first place. This practical humorous little book has identified the situations where arguments are most likely to happen.  It contains simple, straight forward tips that are easy to read, understand and  will help children and adults to navigate around these argument trigger zones allowing time for family rifts to heal, ultimately improving mutual respect, harmony and happiness.
    The book was researched and written by Professor Robert Thomas a leading expert in communication & lifestyle research. science and recently voted the UK's Doctor and Oncologist of the Year. The books dedicated editorial team included adults and children from traditional, single parent and divorced families from a wide range of cultural backgrounds making it relevant to all types of families.
ISBN 978-0-9558212-0-2

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