Find an expert prostate cancer doctor

Fortunately, at least in the UK,  the best doctor is your local doctor. If she or he does not have the expert knowledge or experience to manage your condition they should be able to refer you on to someone who has. A systems should already be in place to allow patients to be transferred smoothly from one hospital to another within your cancer network. For example, your local district general may be perfectly experienced to diagnose and investigate how far your disease has spread but sometimes if a specialist operation is required which is better performed in secondary specialist centres. This may require transfer to the larger cancer centre (this referral often takes place during a weekly teleconferencing meeting). Occasionally for very rare tumours or surgical procedures such as liver resection or bone resection this requires referral to super specialist centres (tertiary) but again the referral pathways (and the money) should have already been established.

If you are not happy with this local arrangement your GP has the ability to refer you elsewhere but this usually requires more travelling and inconvenience. If you wish to do some research for yourself try the Google or Ask search boxes below but it would be helpful o put in the town as well as the name. Otherwise the links and book before may be able to provide some helpful resources

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