Pomegranates and prostate cancer


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diet, lifestyle, pomegranetsPomegranate juice has a particularly high concentration of antioxidants. Antioxidants are thought of wield their anti-cancer properties by directly or indirectly counterbalancing the super oxide free radicals produce from carcinogens in our diet or other environmental factors. The section on what is cancer  explained how these free radicals damage the DNA, rearranging the genes within the cells leading to the development of cancer.

Although patients with established cancer have already sustained the DNA damage in order to mutate from benign to malignant cells, the cancer process is by no means over. Avoiding further DNA insults avoids further mutation which can encourage indolent (less aggressive) prostate cancer cells  pre-malignant cells to transform into more aggressive types which are more likely to grow and spread faster.

 The evidence:  A North American study, sponsored by the Pomegranate Growers Association, evaluated 48 men with prostate cancer. All the patients had previously received radiotherapy or surgery but started showing evidence of their cancer returning in the form of a rising PSA blood test (generally referred to as PSA relapse). The rate of rise of the PSA for each patient was plotted on a graph and provided it rose in a consistent, steady fashion (i.e. not just a temporary increase), they were entered into the study. All men were given 200ml of pomegranate juice to drink everyday.

The PSA blood test was then measured for several months and again plotted on the same graph. The rate of rise of the PSA (the doubling time Ӂdt) was compared before and after consumption of the juice.  There was a very significant prolongation of PSAdt, from a mean average of 15 months at baseline, to 54 months post pomegranate juice consumption. In other words this dietary intervention had slowed the growth rate of the tumour almost to a factor of four, which for men in their seventies may mean they would significantly delay or never need more aggressive hormonal intervention. For example, a man aged 74 years with a PSA of 3.5 and a PSAdt of 54 months would be 87 years old before his PSA exceeded 20.

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This study also had a further interesting angle. It looked at a factor known as the baseline oxidative state, which is thought to reflect the bodyࡢility to fight off the free radicals that cause cancer or encourage slow growing existing cancers to mutate into more aggressive counterparts. These free radicals are generated by eating unhealthy foods, excessive exposure to sunlight, smoking or radiation. Anti-oxidants mop up these free radicals before they have time to exert their damage. The optimal amount of anti-oxidants needed in the diet depends on the level of exposure to carcinogens as well as the individual௷n genetic makeup (i.e. vulnerability to attack). This balance of anti-oxidants and oxidative exposure can be measured in the blood with a variety of tools. The baseline oxidative state (BOS) was measured as a secondary end point in this study. Patients blood BOS significantly improved following pomegranate consumption when measured at the start, then at three separate points over the next year.

Anti-oxidants, are also found in a wide variety of dietary sources. Foods which naturally contain a high percentage of antioxidants have more recently been nick named ᠨref="">superfoods͊The section on diet and prostate gives an overview on the the foods recommended and not recommended after prostate cancer.